We Provide Educational Services to Help You Succeed!

We Provide Educational Services to Help You Succeed!

We Provide Educational Services to Help You Succeed!We Provide Educational Services to Help You Succeed!

Offering Professional Development for your team!

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Transcending Solutions, LLC

 Transcending Solutions was founded by Rita Boyd and Detra Coleman. 

Transcending Solutions is a business and service designed to provide educational books and training to school districts, businesses and organizations.  Our company was founded in 2015, and we have been educators for many years impacting school districts and business organizations in the state of Michigan.  Our purpose for becoming book writers is to share our experiences with other educators and leaders to create positive change in the workplace.  We are driven to write books that provide knowledge, understanding, best-practices, key factors and procedures for establishing a healthy inclusive climate and culture within a school, business and organization.


Rita Boyd, Ed.S.

  As an educator, I have 33 years of experience. My experience stems from being an ISD Representative for the State of Michigan, school leader, director, supervisor, teacher, college instructor, facilitator, coach, and mentor. I am dedicated to ensuring all students receive a quality education based on data driven results to accommodate student’s academic, social, physical and emotional needs. I provide leadership, communication and support to administration, staff, students, parents, community partners, school board, school review teams and external partners. Indeed, I am a Turn-around Change Agent supporting school districts to become successful organizations.


Detra Coleman, Ed.S.

   As an educator, I have 15 years of experience. My experience stems from being a teacher, lead teacher, mentor, Curriculum Coach, Assistant Principal and Principal. I have been actively engaged in school improvement processes for various school districts. I have also transitioned a managed charter school to a self-managed charter school. Over the course of 13 years, working in various positions for elementary and middle schools, I have established a culture and climate that is conducive to learning, growth and development of teachers and an academic and behavioral development for our youth.

A Must Read!!!  It will change your life!

An Introduction To Mindsets

The Mystery Inside The Mind!


A MUST READ!!!  An Introduction to Mindsets has hit the ground running in Michigan to change the way School Leaders and Business Organizations interact with their employees. 

Authors, Rita Boyd and Detra Coleman have impacted Michigan schools and businesses in a positive way.  Our new book: “An Introduction to Mindsets,” has helped individuals, educators and leaders world-wide understand how important it is to develop an open mindset that builds positive working relationships with employees and colleagues.  The purpose is to share our experiences and best practices with other educators and leaders to create positive change in the workplace.

An Introduction to Mindsets will successfully guide businesses down the path to establishing a healthy inclusive climate and culture within a business and school organization.  In this book, we will discuss three types of mindsets and their character traits.  You will understand how mindsets, profiling and interviewing techniques work hand in hand to enhance decision making that leads to positive results.

We must change our thinking in order to change lives… 

Explore mindsets through real-life application!

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This book was written with the intent to support any organization who desires long-term success.  When you start an organization, you plan with the ending in mind first.     

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Our Goal

Convenient Training

Tools for Success

Our goal is to   

 provide you with key factors and a procedural guide for hiring quality staff, converting a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and changing the inner you to establish a successful organization.


Tools for Success

Convenient Training

Tools for Success

  Transcending Solutions will provide the necessary tools to address many problems that plague our business systems. Our structures and procedural guide will assist businesses and school organizations in adopting the appropriate communication strategies, processing tools, and placement methodologies for hiring quality employees, addressing under-performance, and changing mindsets to establish successful outcomes in the workplace.   


Convenient Training

Convenient Training

Convenient Training

An Introduction to Mindsets is our first published book and we offer professional development services.  To schedule professional development, please visit our calendar to set up an appointment.  We are willing to work with you and your staff on-site to ensure the best learning environment for your team.

Transcending Solutions, LLC

 As partners, we share over 40 years of experience in the field of education.  

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